B&B Screen Printing believes in quality service with an outstanding customer service to back it all up. B&B Screen Printing is a full-service print shop that was built by individuals who themselves have gone through the pains and challenges of dealing with the typical service you would find at the typical large commercial screen printing company. As the middle man of the supply chain, your customers expect you to give them a quality product. In order for you to provide a quality product, you need a reliable manufacturer that you can count on. We offer a full range of products ranging from graphic tees and jackets to flyers, magnets and buttons. We ensure that all our materials and supplies meet our high standard of quality. If it doesn’t work for us we know it won’t work for our customers and we’ll gladly give out samples so that you can see for yourself before any work begins.

Screen Printing

Print Size Height Width
Standard 16″ 14″
Oversize 22″ 17″
Jumbo 28″ 20″
We have a full range of frame sizes available for use. We have a full automatic screen printer as well as a manual printer for any custom prints on anything you need.

Cut & Sew

cut-sew Our quality embroidery services can help you create a classic design on a variety of items. We can embroidery designs on t-shirts, polos, hats, snapbacks, and much more. With many brands using B&B Screenprinting for their products, you can rest assured knowing that some of your favorite brands work with us.

Promotional Items

We are constantly expanding our range of promotional items that you can sell or give away to your customers. We have button pins (available in 1″, 1.5″ and 2.2″ sizes) that can serve as a great branding item while keeping your costs and time spent at a minimum. We also have the ability to print magnets in many custom sizes which can be used any way a magnet can be used.

Business Cards & Flyers

Tired of your current print shop for business cards and flyers? Let B&B Screen Printing take care of this for you. We can print just about anything for you; flyers, business cards, show tickets, cd covers, and more! Save yourself the time with wasting gas and dealing with printing shops who barely know who you are. B&B Screen Printing is the one stop shop!

Know Your Printing!

  • Screenprinting with PlastisolPlastisol is an inexpensive, commonly used PVC-based ink that provides a nice solid print especially on dark fabrics. Perfect for shop shirts and apparel.
  • Screenprinting with Waterbased InkWaterbased ink uses a water solvent to cure and leaves a soft feel when touched. It is particularly useful when you need ink to penetrate fabric on items like towels.
  • Discharge ScreenprintingDischarge printing is basically bleaching a shirt with special inks applied to provide a smooth feel while also allowing for more vibrant colors.
  • Simulated Screenprinting ProcessSimulated Process uses multiple color halftones to “simulate” a color. This is great for prints with gradients or require a lot more detail.